Veer Narayan Arya: Miniature Artist

Veer Narayan Arya (born on September 10, 1967, in Uttar Pradesh) is a Miniature Artist. He is the owner of Veer Narayan is best known for his work in Indian Miniature Art. He spent his childhood at Auraiya, a district in Uttar Pradesh. After Completing his Senior in Arts, at Auraiya, he moved to Jaipur (Raj.), India in 1984. At present, he lives and works here.

Early Life and Background of Veer Narayan Arya

During his early phase, He started observing building & temple construction work from his uncle. In 1984 he moved to Jaipur from Auraiya. Then he met with his sister and Brother in law in Jaipur. They Helped & Encouraged him to learn Miniature Art. With his hard work and passion, he becomes a professional Miniature Artist from scratch without any education.

His mentors are his Mother, uncle & art teacher. Then he met with some other Artists like Jagdeesh Sharma, Mahendra Sharma & Ajeet Verma. He learned & developed many skills from them. His painting career augmented as he shifted to Jaipur in 2000.

Gradually his creations spread with numerous invited group shows as well as many exhibitions in various galleries and organizations. At the same time, he was invited to exhibit and demonstrate in different parts of India.

Veer Narayan bagged many national art awards. From participating in the most prestigious Harmony Art show. His excellent achievements include the First Place STATE ART AWARD, 2018 for “Virasat Plight” painting in the 59th annual art exhibition organized by RAJASTHAN LALIT KALA ACADEMY. Kala Ratana Award, 2018 In 12Th National Art festival, Tonk (Raj.) Organized By Intimate Art And Education Welfare Society, Tonk (Raj.), and many more to mention.

His painting is also featured in many newspapers like Dainik Bhaskar, Rajasthan Patrika, and many more.

Style of Paintings

He is known as an expressive and imaginative Miniature Artist. Mostly his paintings are created in an impressionist manner and surrealist way in various mediums like watercolor. Veer Narayan has evolved a highly individual style, deeply contemporary in its sensibilities. His paintings are best known for the Indian Shaili Style. His brush stroke speaks of many things: the hustle and bustle of heritage life, figurative movements, festive seasons, seascapes and lakes, and the many moods of nature; where fluid moments are brilliantly captured by the artist.

He has also gained recognition for his composition artworks. His wide-eyed optimism reflects in the paintings. He has a fine sense of composition with an eye for subtle details and a tactile sense of Indian Culture. He generally uses stone color with gold work.

Besides involving himself in Workshops, he also keeps himself busy making experiments in paintings. He also encourages miniature art in other people. His works can be viewed in numerous public and private collections in India.

The artist who has always been miles away from the limelight is a special feast to the eyes of art lovers.

Awards & Achievements of Veer Narayan Arya

He is working for the last 40 years as a miniature artist. He also provides online workshops & classes, you can visit by clicking art workshop. He is awarded by Kala Ratana in Miniature Art.

Here are some most popular Awards & Achievements:

  • State art award, 2018 for “Virasat plight” Painting in 59th annual art exhibition Organized by Rajasthan Lalit Kala Academy.
  • Kala Ratan Award, 2018 in 12th National Art Festival, tonk (raj.) Organized by intimate art and education welfare society, Tonk (raj.)
  • Festival of Education, 2019 Artist Award for “Miniature Art Demonstration”.
  • Jaipur Kala Ratana Award, 29th June 2019 presented by Shakti Film Production (Jaipur)
  • 3rd Santosh Smriti Kala-Charcha Srajan Samman-2021, 9 January 2022 organized by Kala Manthan, (Featured in International Chronology- Feb. 2022)

Here are some most popular Events & Exhibition attends:

  • The Journey of the Guru and his Chela Organized By Oxford Street Art (From- 13 October-13 November)
  • Rajasthan Lalit Kala Academy (59Th Annual Art Exhibition) (15 Feb. 2018).
  • Education Career Fair 2018 Organised by State Guideline info services, Jaipur (2018).
  • 3rd Photography Exhibition (Pathfynder In Association With Rajasthan Lalit Kala Academy) (From-21 Sept.-25Sept.2018).
  • 3rd Jaipur Kala Mahotsav 2019 Organised By Pratibha Educational Development Research (From 17Th To 21Th January 2019).
  • Festival of Education 2019 Organised By State Guide Line Info Services, Jaipur (18Th – 19Th May).
  • Jaipur Kala Ratana Award Ceremony-2, 29th June 2019 Presented by Shakti Film Production.
  • Bundi Utsav-2019, Organised By Smt. Rukmani Riar Sihag (District Collector & District Magistrate).
  • 3rd Santosh Smriti Kalacharcha Srajan Samman-2021, 9 January 2022 Organized By Kala Manthan, (Featured In International Chronology- Feb 2022)

Key Works

His Most Famous Painting is “Virasat Plight” for which he got a state art award also. You can also check this painting on the website also.

Here are some more paintings which he painted with his imaginative thoughts.

  • Burning Earth Painting
  • Covid Protection Painting
  • Shakuntala Painting
  • Balancing Women Painting
  • The beauty of Nature Painting
  • Earth Solution Painting
  • Mughal Court Painting
  • Target Painting
  • Books Are My Best Friend Painting
  • Sultan Ibrahim Adil Shah Painting and many more…

Press Releases

Veer Naryan & his paintings are also featured in many newspapers, Articles & Magazines. We are sharing a few of them:

Artist’s Voice

I always paint in impressionistic and imaginative ways. I feel a moment or visualize some idea and paint it so that, others can also feel the same. Art for me is a pure form of emotion. I personally believe, that whatever you feel, the mood and atmosphere, the inner mind starts developing that strongly into a painting. If you can feel the subject it becomes easier to paint. I don’t levy any rules and regulations for my artworks. It happens many times when I just follow my instinct, an impulse that arouses me to paint. The painting captures my flowing life energy through all those strokes and colors. It’s like a meditation.

For me, drawing is the mother of painting. Many experts can guide how and where to start a painting, but it’s you who decides where to finish it. No one can teach you the finishing touch. It only depends on the artist’s inner voice.

Whatever the situation has come and gone, neither painting has ever left me nor have I left art. My art expresses me till day.

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