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Brighten Up Your Living Space With Stunning Paintings

Whether you own a newly-built house or office space, it is important to do up the interiors in a way that reflects your personality. We at Artwale believe that a beautiful, tranquil living or working space positively affects your mood and productivity. This is why we now bring to you an all-new range of pretty wall paintings that will make your home or office interiors shine.

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A Sight for Sore Eyes

It only takes a small tweak to make your home or office space look standout. Here are a few tips to do exactly that with paintings that call out to you:

  • If you love a riot of vibrant colours, then pick gorgeous flower paintings with a textured finish and painstaking detail. You can hang them beside a fern frame or two to reinforce the floral theme. A compact water fountain with strategically placed fairy lights will be a treat to the eyes of anyone who stumbles upon the magical space.
  • Have you always dreamt of hanging up enchanting nature paintings in your prayer or meditation room for an added soothing effect? Pick a piece depicting deer grazing in a lush forest setting. Alternatively, you can opt for a buddha painting to feel instantly serene and centred, just as the paintings subject.
  • If you love abstract art, pick a large canvas with grand, interwoven patterns. Hang this painting up in your study to evoke a sense of curiosity in the onlooker. Complementary lamps and gilded rosewood bookshelves are your best bet to create a classy ambience.
  • If you are looking for a set of watercolor paintings to put up in a symmetric manner, we have many fun options for you. Arrange them over a textured wall in a deep scarlet hue for a beautiful, contrasting effect. Get vintage, wrought iron chairs and a grandfather clock for an offbeat look that your house guests will not forget in a hurry.
  • Pick paintings depicting a scene from Paris for the reception area of your new office space. Neatly arranged flowers in golden vases, fragrant potpourri in decorative brass bowls and nifty faux leather waiting sofas will bring the look together perfectly for a smashing first impression on prospective clients.

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You do not have to invest a fortune into your house or office interiors to have them look ravishing. Make sure to check out the rest of our home decor collection, and the other very many home furnishing items from the biggest brands around the world. Buy fabulous paintings on India's largest online shopping destination while stocks last.

Which are some types of wall paintings that look good on the hall?

For your hall, you can go for painting sets or large wall paintings to enhance the overall look of your living space. As the hall is the first thing that guests walk in to, you can make it look more colourful, energetic, classy, as you like it to be. Select from the choicest of varieties such as Madhubani, Tanjore, abstract and many more. You can pick the themes according to your preference like religious, floral, and abstract in colours that are contrasting to your walls.

Which could be suitable paintings for a corporate office?

Corporate offices can have abstract paintings that are sophisticated and modern, with not a lot of colours or vagueness. Something that fits the theme of the workplace looks professional as well. Check out some motivational quotes, individual wall arts, abstract landscape arts, and hand-painted wall arts.

Are paintings suitable for gifting purposes?

Yes, paintings are suitable for gifting purposes. They look beautiful and are a good addition to anyone’s living space.

Is it ideal to hang lord Krishna’s painting during pregnancy?

Lord Krishna’s paintings are considered auspicious and can be hung during pregnancy. It is recommended to choose artwork that are pleasant to look at and soothe your mind, such as healthy children, beautiful landscapes, positive quotes, etc. Paintings portraying any kind of violence, war, or any negativity should be avoided in the room.

What do you think about paintings?

Paintings are a great decorative piece of item for any space. Paintings speak volumes about your taste and choice. They can improve the appearance of any dull space and add a positive vibe to the environment. They can lift your mood by just simply looking at them.

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